Parish churches

Recollect your thoughts and experience moments of true peace and reflection, when visiting the beautiful parish churches of our valley: parish church St. Sebastian in See, parish church St. Jerome in Langesthei, parish church St. Anthony in Kappl, parish church St. Nicholas in Ischgl, parish church St. Sebastian in Mathon and parish church St. Mary’s nativity in Galtür.

Ancestors of the inhabitants

Read in the chronicle how Ischgl has become the popular and famous paradise for winter sports as we know it today. The farmer’s museum in Mathon gives you genuine impressions of the harsh life farmers had to face in the past. There is another museum dedicated to a well-known painter of this region: Mathias Schmid. In Ischgl there is also a cultural hiking trail, which was created in honor of this artist. His pictures portray the life of farmers in the mountains.  


The region of the Paznaun offers a wide range of events, including sport, music and cultural events:

  • “Culinary path of St. Jacob” 
  • “Musikanten Huangart” (gathering of musicians playing and singing traditional folklore) 
  • Festivals 
  • Traditional farmer’s markets 
  • Church concerts 
  • Concerts of bands in public places 
  • Traditional Tyrolean evenings with the popular band “Silvrettas” 
  • Cattle parades in fall 


Kappl is famous for its many picturesque chapels, which are spread over the village. They have been built and are maintained by the inhabitants. During your holiday you can take the chance to get an idea of those beautiful places of catholic worship.